“Green” Policies in Spain Lead to Economic Disaster

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The euro has fallen (vs the US dollar) from $1.50+ to $1.24.  The decline will, we believe, continue. The Obama-like philosophies of Western Europe have led to a crisis point – not only in Greece, but in Spain and, to a lesser extent, all over Europe. Don’t expect a quick bounce back in the currency or the economy. I always believed that the European union would eventually fail - still do.

Rather than run from disastrous policies that have created the problems in Europe, Obama and his party embrace them. Continue Reading

New Discoveries in Science

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Just for fun, three fascinating areas in which science is making headway can be found here. A review of  the two items I found most fun and interesting follow.

Cool Discovery #1: Energizing batteries
Electronics companies continually pursue better ways to power the myriad portable electronic devices on the market such as iPods, cell phones, and PDAs. Longer lasting, more efficient batteries certainly help, but they also require regular recharging. Recharging a device is typically nothing more than an inconvenience. But during prolonged power outages Continue Reading

Congress and the Post Office Fiddle While Losses Mount

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The Post Office lost $1.9 billion over the last six months. No salaries were cut. No retirement benefits were cut. No health care benefits were cut. No retiree health care benefits were cut. It was business as usual with none of the hugely expensive employee benefits being cut. See the Postal Service report here. Continue Reading

China is Coming to America

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A good friend clued me on to the attached story. Very interesting! You will enjoy reading American Made, Chinese Owned. A few passages follow, but take a few minutes and read this well-written report.

But for hundreds of Chinese companies like Yuncheng, the U.S. has become a better, less expensive place to set up shop. It could be the biggest role reversal since, well … when Nixon went to China. “The gap between manufacturing costs in the U.S. and China is shrinking,” explains John Ling, a naturalized American from China who runs the South Carolina Department of Commerce’s business recruitment office in Shanghai…

Continue Reading

The President Worries About “Information Onslaught”, part II

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Not often, but after some posts I regret being a little too aggressive. About an equal number of other posts are judged, retrospectively, to have been too soft. ”Soft” is how I felt about yesterdays two posts. We let the media and the President off too easily. It was convenient then that we received a comment from a reader. I will take the opportunity to respond to that comment here. Before going on you might want to read the two short posts dated May 11. Continue Reading

The Black Liquor Subsidy Lingers a Little Longer

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Some kraft pulp companies have been able to squeeze more funds out of U.S. tax payers for what we hope is the final quarter. The Dead Tree covers the story here.

“Information Onslaught Pressuring Democracy”….Obama Concerned

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Just finished the previous post and noticed this story. This one is in the same vein, but even harder to believe. The President believes his poicies are unpopular because we are being confused by all the information available on the Internet. Oh, the horror that this could create! See passages below and the full story here. Continue Reading

Are You Than Smarter Than a Sixth Grader?

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Congressman Cleaver (MO) believes that support for climate change legislation is fading because we non-believers are just not very smart. See his comments here. Cleaver suggests that… Continue Reading

Forestry Regulations Out of Control

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Where ever we look government organizations are encroaching on private business like an out of control cancer.  The numerous programs that attack the mythological horrors of climate change can show up practically anywhere. Last week, foresters in both Oregon and California warned us that new regulations (not always related to climate change) are forcing even more land owners out of the forestry business. Continue Reading

Commercial Print Shipments Reportedly Down 4.4% in March…but Maybe Not

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According to an online media organization, WhatTheyThink, March 2010 commercial printing shipments were $7.39 billion, down -4.4% compared to March of 2009. Adjusting for inflation, shipments were down -6.5%. Continue Reading